Professional Services Offered by RW  Snook & Company

RW Snook & Co offers a wide range of services designed specifically to meet our client's needs.  From a full reconstruction of the entire collision, to a client defined focused investigation into just one or more facets of the overall event; we will provide you with an accurate and detailed assessment of your case.  Services we offer include:

Free Initial Consultation
Based on our decades of experience and observations doing this type of work, we fully understand that not every case needs a full reconstruction work-up.  In an effort to make better use of your time and resources, we offer a confidential initial consultation free of charge and obligation.  One or more of our experts will meet with you to gain a better understanding of your case and specific needs.  This initial meeting will allow us to determine if you have enough information to obtain the answers that you need and if not, what additional work would be required to achieve that goal.

On-Call Services
Time is of the essence in any collision investigation; perishable physical evidence of the collision event will disappear, the memories of those involved will fade, the involved vehicles will be scraped or repaired, and eye-witnesses will be lost.  As such, the experts at RW Snook & Company are available to meet our clients needs on an on-call basis at anytime.

Our investigators are ready to roll 24/7/365 and our response van is equipped with the gear
necessary to properly and completely process and document the collision site and involved vehicles.

Collision Report Review


We have an unparalleled knowledge of the California Highway Patrol’s Collision Investigation Manual (CIM) and the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (MAIT) operations manual.  The CHP’s CIM is used by the majority of law enforcement agencies in California for the reporting and documentation of traffic collisions.  This experience gives us an unmatched understanding of the procedures used by the CHP and other law enforcement agencies in investigating and reconstructing collisions.


The truth of the matter is, not every traffic collision is investigated – most are merely documented.  Some law enforcement agencies do nothing more than “check the box” which may or may not accurately represent the facts of your collision event.  You may find yourself wondering;

*  Were all of the facts of your collision investigated completely?

*  Did the reporting officer get it right? 

*  More importantly; did the officer find the right party at fault?

*  Do you or your client have any associated responsibility in the collision?

*  Did the officer’s opinions and findings of fault comport with current statute?


We can provide these and other pertinent answers by reviewing the Traffic Collision Report.  If requested, we will provide you with a written assessment of the report documentation and causation factors.

Collision Scene Assessment and Forensic Mapping

We offer a full complement of services to fit your specific need; from forensic mapping, computer assisted scale diagramming, 3D scanning and rendering, to state of the art photography.  An accurate scale diagram of the collision site is the key to a thorough reconstruction.  Our experts have vast experience with on-scene collision investigation.  This experience allows us to assess the information represented in the collision report and verify its credibility.  In cases where inadequate or no scene documentation was undertaken by the original investigating agency, we can produce comprehensive documentation of the incident site.  Our experience guides the documentation process to assure that all of the proper information is obtained and will withstand the scrutiny of court proceedings.

Scale diagramming, 3D scanning and modeling have proven to be extremely beneficial when making a presentation to a group of people, such as a jury. 
We can create the exhibits necessary for you to factually show the jury the collision event and involved vehicles.  Don't just explain it to them - show them.  Let them see how the event progressed in a logical and understandable sequence of displays. 

Collision Reconstruction

Depending on the needs of your case, we will complete a limited or comprehensive reconstruction of the collision event using a true multidisciplinary approach.  The analysis will include all of the elements necessary to assist you in understanding the complicated physics of a vehicular collision.  Our investigators will determine the dynamics, velocities, and relative positions of vehicles before, during, and after a collision event by examining, in detail, all three phases of the collision sequence and the relevant human, vehicle, and environmental factors of each segment.  Our completed analysis will provide you with a clear understanding of the total event and include a written report, if so requested.

Downloading of Event Data Recorders (“Black Boxes”)

We have the capability to image information from the Event Data Recorders (EDR) and/or Power Control Modules (PCM) that are found on most vehicles.  Not all vehicles have devices that can be imaged at this time, but this crucial piece of evidence should not be overlooked.  Our trained experts can provide you with just the information as imaged, or a complete work-up of the data contained in the EDR/PCM. 

3D Reality Laser Scanning

Our FARO® gold certified technicians use a state-of-the-art FARO 3D laser scanner to capture an entire scene and/or vehicle damage patterns by collecting millions of points of data (known as a 3D point cloud).  This point cloud provides an accurate 3D representation of all the evidence found at the scene, such as skid marks, blood spatter and the surrounding environment to within a ± 1mm of accuracy. The point cloud and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography allow the end user, such as a jury, the opportunity to "walk-through" the digital 3D scene to see exactly how it looked at the time of the event.

    Computer Simulations and Animations

    We use state-of-the-art HVE collision reconstruction simulation software to recreate an accurate representation of the collision sequence.  This is not a “Toy Story” animation, but a true simulation rooted in physics and based on our completed reconstruction analysis of your collision.  This very powerful program can be used to augment a traditional reconstruction or used to predict the motion of a vehicle in those case where little or no evidence was collected from the collision scene.   

    We also use Virtual Crash4 and FARO Zone 3D animation software to recreate the collision events in 3D. The animation can be used as a movie to show what happened and/or single screen shots for static display. 

    Seeing is believing – and there is no better way to present your case than by showing our professionally rendered computer simulations and animations.

    Statement Analysis and Calibration

    The age-old adage, there are two sides to every story, is especially true in traffic collisions.  Which driver is telling the truth?  Is the driver telling the whole story?  Is the person who claims to be the driver – actually the driver?  Did the witness really see the collision event happen?  Were the statements contaminated by outside influences such as media reports or "what they thought happened? 


    We have received hundreds of hours of training in interviewing and interrogation and have provided training in the subject matter to private and law enforcement personnel.  We have conducted thousands of interviews of involved parties, passengers and witnesses to collision events.  We can analyze the statements obtained by investigating agencies and determine their comprehensiveness and credibility. 

    The creation of a Statement Matrix is completed to outline where each party was located in relation to the collision, what they observed/heard/said, and how each statement relates to or contradicts the other statements obtained.

    Expert Witness Services

    Mr. Snook is a court recognized expert and is exceptionally experienced in providing testimony on the complex subject of collision reconstruction.  He has qualified as an expert in all facets of collision investigation and reconstruction in multiple jurisdictions throughout California including the United States Federal Courts and the  US Navy and Marine Corps Trial Judiciary.  This experience, both in court and teaching the subject, allows Mr. Snook to answer complex technical questions in a simple and understandable manner.


    We have been lecturing and teaching in the field of collision investigation for over two decades to a variety of organizations including: law enforcement agencies, District Attorney’s offices, MADD, United States Air Force, trucking companies, Caltrans, DMV Investigators, High Schools, County Coroner’s, the Northern California Fraud Investigators Association, California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI), California Association of Accident Recontructionists (CAARS) and other public and private organizations on accident investigation, reconstruction, prevention and causation.  We offer this extensive teaching experience to your organization to assist your employees in understanding the complexities of their driving actions and a traffic collision.  Our training seminars are tailored to your specific needs.  Be it one hour, half day, or an all day session, we will provide your organization with the training you request on any collision related subject.