R.W. Snook & Company, LLC is a customer-oriented collision reconstruction firm focused on providing professional, timely, cost-effective, and personal service to our clients.  We are committed to being responsive to our clients needs while delivering practical, accurate, and reputable results.  We pride ourselves in providing the services and analysis necessary to find the truth.  Our integrity is paramount and our reliability is unmatched.

With over 30 years of service with the California Highway Patrol, we are uniquely qualified to conduct a professional multidisciplinary investigation of your collision and render an honest and unbiased analysis of the case.  Our investigative experience, expertise and common sense approach will answer all of your questions and allow you a better understanding of the collision event.

Customer service is one of our highest priorities.  We offer a full range of collision reconstruction services including being available to our clients needs on a 24/7 call-out basis.  We also offer training presentations and seminars customized to fit your schedule and requirements.

When you want it right, call Bob Snook. 

Please call or email us for additional information and to schedule a free consultation of your case.

Contact us at:

Office: 209-367-8789

Email: rsnook@rwsrecon.com

PO Box 5068, Galt, CA 95632